Depression Counselling In Waveney Valley & Surrounding Areas

Depression Counselling

You may be suffering from depression if you've lost interest or enjoyment in doing things, lacked energy, been pessimistic or felt hopeless about the future. You may have a poor appetite, loss of concentration, low mood or trouble sleeping. As many as one in two people at some time experience depression in their lives, but it is treatable.

Medication is sometimes used to alleviate symptoms, however a course of CBT may be enough to help you feel better. CBT and anti-depressants are often used together to treat depression.

Identifying negative thinking and behaviour patterns

Identifying negative thinking and behaviour patterns which keep your depression going are part of the CBT process. You may tend to notice or remember negative aspects of your life, rather than positive ones. This leads to you interpreting your life with a negative bias so the goal of therapy is to review the information in your life from the positive and neutral aspects as well as the negative. You will be shown how to evaluate your negative thoughts and think in a more balanced way.

Counselling and CBT will provide you with the capabilities to begin this process and the tools to continue your improvement when therapy is complete.